Maui Banyan Resort Guide

QUIET HOURS 10pm – 8am We strive to ensure that all guests have a stress free and relaxing vacation. During all other hours, please keep excessive noise to a minimum. SMOKE-FREE POLICY Maui Banyan is a smoke-free resort. Smoking of tobacco, marijuana, and electronic vaping is prohibited in all guest rooms, lanais, and common areas. Evidence of smoking in the resort will result in a $750 cleaning charge. Guest smoking is allowed in the designated smoking areas located near the parking garage across from Buildings G and H and in the parking lot across from Building T. VENDING There are soda vending machines located at the entrance of Buildings G and H and P and Q, and near the pools for your enjoyment. WI-FI Internet connection via Wi-FI is available in your unit only. Please note there is no access to Wi-Fi in common areas such as the lobby or by the pool. For assistance with Wi-Fi connection, call the management’s office at Maui Beach Vacation Club at 808.879.7800 during normal business hours. Please call our sister resort, the Sands of Kahana, at 808.669.0400 for assistance after business hours. TELEVISION Relax and unwind while watching some TV in your room. You can control the TV and cable box using the remote provided by Spectrum. For further assistance with your TV, please call the Management’s Office at Maui Beach Vacation Club at 808.879.7800 during business hours and the Sands of Kahana at 808.669.0400 after business hours. Turn on: Press the Power Button and wait for 15-30 seconds for system connection. Turn Off: Press the Power Button. DURING YOUR STAY WI-FI LOG ON DETAILS Username: mauibanyan[building letter][3 digit room number] Password: banyan[building letter][3 digit room number] For example, if you’re staying in Unit G207 the username is mauibanyang207 and the password is banyang207